My Past Life as a Rock Star

OK, so I wasn’t exactly a rock star, but I did play bass for a number of years. I mainly played Jazz, focusing on Big Band and Swing. I also ventured into the Rock world every now and then, covering the latest and greatest of the time with a few different fly by night bands (my personal favorite group to cover is Smashing Pumpkins). In college I even studied music education. But alas, the technophile inside took over, and here I am today. Needless to say though, I am still intrigued by music, and especially when technology and music intersect. Gizmodo just featured a really cool device I thought you might find interesting. It is a guitar tuner that uses light to allow you to precisely tune your strings. If you understand the basic principles of sound and string physics, you will realize what a simple principle this is based on. I love it when technology takes these ideas and enhances our lives. Now, where was this when I was trying to tune using harmonics on a loud darkened stage?

Read more about the Strobopick here.

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