4 thoughts on “Macromedia / Adobe Deal

  1. Why the fusion?

    Because Microsoft will do something better?
    Why if flash is making more money than all other adobe’s products, Adobe acquire Macromedia? it’s kind of crazy.

    Actually I can’t figure out what will happen.
    The competition about the final price of an application will be the same?
    If there is pace between Adobe and Macromedia, it will be peace between them and the typical client like us?

    Will be standardization in the use of the applications, because with Adobe, premiere time line works just with [+] / [-], and with encore DVD with [ctrl]+[+]

    And the zoom and move functions.

    Also the same happened in macromedia, they may look almost the same, but with different shortcut keys, can they use the same shortcuts, taking the idea that each one separately cannot achieve that?

    Well, I’m kind of nervous because it’s a huge change, and of curse will affect all the typical multimedia developers. I can only say Thanks Macromedia for Flash, and Thanks Adobe for Photoshop and Premiere.


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