CNN Video

CNN has started offering free video streams and is delivering the video via Flash Video. It looks very well done and is a great example of how Flash Video can enhance existing video services. Now if they would just use Flash in the popup version of the video player.

View the videos here.

4 thoughts on “CNN Video

  1. I like the “design” of no audio for the preview – makes the sad moments really stand out and helps cut down filesize. I’m shocked the full video doesn’t play right in that player when clicked.

    Good touch on disabling buttons/UI when loading previews.

  2. Yeah I was hoping that they would show the full videos inline with the “preview”. It seems like a waste to have to open a popup and watch the video you want to see in Windows Media player.

  3. Yeah. The player detect script they are using is pretty old and obviously less than reliable. Nice to see them using Flash video though.

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