Google Reader and Flash

Here at Web 2.0, the guys at Google Labs just released a web based news aggregator called Google Reader. It looks pretty usable from the 30 seconds I spent with it so far. What is even better is that it will aggregate podcasts and allows you to listen to the podcast in the page using Flash!

7 thoughts on “Google Reader and Flash

  1. It definitely is slow, but I’m sure they’re work that issue out. Did anyone try adding a podcast feed with enclosures? I added one, but there’s no Flash player on the page I can see (just a text link marked “Original enclosure” that points to the mp3 file). Did Google mention that the Flash podcast player would be a future feature and is not currently integrated into the public beta, or am I missing something?

  2. I added the feed with the enclosure and it appeared when I was looking at the post through the Your subscriptions page.

    It seems like they are having some pretty serious load issues, which is actually quite shocking for Google.

  3. Flash?

    I just came across it and it looks more like DHTML/AJAX kinda thing …. not wickedly fast, but acceptable.

  4. its pretty nice to see the Flash Applications in Google reader…Its using Ajax, so some of the tasks of flash are limited in some projects.

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