ActionScript 3 Sample Code and Presentations

A few months ago I was privileged to be able to attend the amazing Spark Europe conference. It was a great experience and a very well presented and attended event. While Mike Chambers and I were over in Europe, we decided to visit a few of the user groups while we were there. Christian Cantrell was also doing a tour of Asia at the same time, so we decided to work together to assemble some great ActionScript 3 samples (which you can download here. ) The links for the Breezos for the presentations can be found at the bottom of this post.

Inside the archive you will find examples demonstrating the following functionality (as quoted from Christian’s blog):

  • Regular Expressions.
  • E4X. The new and very simple way to create, parse, and
    query XML in ActionScript 3.
  • ExternalInterface API. Allows your Flash content to
    communicate with its container (usually the HTML page via JavaScript)
    without any additional libraries.
  • File upload. Shows how to upload a file using Flex and save
    it on the server using ColdFusion. (File upload is actually already
    available in Flash 8.0, but this is a Flex 2 example).
  • Data types. Lists all the ActionScript 3.0 data types and
    their default values.
  • Operators. Demonstrates some of the ActionScript 3.0
  • Packages. Demonstrates how packages work in ActionScript
  • Rest arguments. ActionScript 3.0 supports a concept of
    “rest arguments” which you allows you to make some argument required,
    and also handle an arbitrary number of additional arguments.
  • Proxy. The flash.util.Proxy object is a more powerful
    version of __resolve.
  • Reflection. Shows how to introspect ActionScript 3.0
  • Timer. Shows how to execute code at a specified interval.
  • The new display list API.
  • These samples will run in the Flex Builder 2 Alpha, which can be downloaded from Adobe Labs.

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