Video Demo: Adobe Media Player

Yesterday we announced the Adobe Media Player, previously codenamed Philo. I have attached below a video of the application in action. This video comes from the Web 2.0 Expo where Kevin Lynch was presenting (this video was taken by Josh Lowensohn of CNet’s

The Adobe Media Player serves the need of two groups: video consumers, and video distributors. For consumers of video it allows them to consume both local and remote video resources in a very rich application. They can aggregate RSS feeds that contain video assets which will be stored locally for offline use. Consumers can also import video that can be found on their local machine. We are also adding a social aspect to the application that will allow users to rate and comment on videos.

Video distributors and producers can publish RSS feeds that contain videos for consumption in the Adobe Media Player. They can include information about custom branding that they would like to appear in their feed to provide a unique user interface. There are also some reporting, advertising, and content protection features that will be available.

A beta of the Adobe Media Player should be available this summer.

9 thoughts on “Video Demo: Adobe Media Player

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  2. Wow thats nice. The transitioning is very cool. Branding is great. And the whole RSS/cache thing is marvelous. Very well done! I can’t wait to play with this.

  3. Cool, Mike Downey showed this off last night also at our LFPUG QA session, looked very nice. He also showed some other nice looking Apollo apps and answered Apollo related questions for over an hour, loads of interesting info, the video will be up on in the next day or so if you are interested.

  4. Hm… That’s nice but is it real response for customers needs? Honestly I am not sure and btw. I could build such a ‘player’ or widget-gadget in Flash + Zinc or… with Apollo. So… I’m afraid that future for this is similar to Central… just only something interesting.

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