An Update on Adobe's Investment Program

Over the past few weeks I received many questions about the $100 million investment program Adobe announced at MAX 2006 in Las Vegas. It has been about a year since the announcement, and many people have only heard about our investment and subsequent acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, the makers of the Flex based online word processor Buzzword.

I did a little bit of research, and John Leckrone, who is in charge of the investment program at Adobe, pointed me towards a new site recently launched that contains specific information about the program, called Adobe Ventures. Virtual Ubiquity, while deservedly receiving a great deal of buzz recently, is only one of the numerous successful investments we have made over the past fifteen years. On this site, you can see a list of many of the companies that we have invested in as well as those who have made a variety of successful exits.

Adobe has invested in companies as diverse as Netscape, Seibel Systems, Vignette, EFI, and Shutterfly, as well as more recent startups such as MobiTV, Scrybe, and Bunchball. Those are just a few of the companies you may have heard of. I recommend that you check out this website and review the full portfolio. It is an impressive set of companies, and it was an eye opener to me that we had such a history of successful investments.

The real question you should be asking yourself is if your name is missing from this list. If you are interested in Adobe’s investment program, I encourage you to visit this site and submit a proposal using the link provided there.

Here is a list of some of the important links:

4 thoughts on “An Update on Adobe's Investment Program

  1. Hmm.. to be clear, are you saying an acquisition like Virtual Ubiquity qualifies as one of these “investments”? I got the impression those were for investments not purchases.

    Thanks for the links.

  2. Yeah, M&A and Adobe Ventures are different groups within Adobe. Although I don’t know for sure, it would be safe to assume that the acquisition cost did not come out of the investment fund.

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