Google OpenSocial ActionScript Library

There definitely has been a bunch of buzz about Google’s OpenSocial initiative in the past few days. I have always been intrigued by social networking and was hoping that one day somebody would create a central repository for this kind of information. I get tired of adding all my friends to different social apps every time I sign up for one. It appears from the outset that Google is trying to fix that, and I believe nobody is in a better position to do just that than they are.

Today they released the documentation on their API. It looks like right now they do not have an ActionScript version of it available on the site. I intend to fix that. I have created a Google Code project at I have not committed any files just yet but intend to start on this project right away so I can play with the API a bit and get to know it. If you would like to contribute to this project or just keep an eye on it to see when it is available, keep checking the Google Code project or this weblog.

7 thoughts on “Google OpenSocial ActionScript Library

  1. I’ll probably be working on implementing the API in actionscript as well and have helped with the Adobe Facebook API bug fixes. I’d love to see this done or contribute.
    Will you be following the “standard” Adobe API patterns (a la flickr) or implementing them your own way? Let me know if you need help and feel free to add me as a contributer if you see fit. Either way good luck!

  2. Hi Daniel…I recently created an AS3 library for the Blogger Data API. All Google services use the same method of authentication, so perhaps a look at what I’ve created will give you at least a place to start. As a note, my library currently only supports the ClientLogin authentication. I have not implemented anything to utilize Google’s AuthSub proxy, which is a little weird I think for Flash projects. But perhaps we can collaborate to come up with a way to tackle that part of the API. You can check out my project here:

  3. Hi Danny,

    This is Caleb, you probably remember the AS3 Google APIs I’ve shared w/ you and Mike(s) in the past. I think they would make a great addition to the AS3 opensocial lib. I also have access to a AS3 Calendar API that may prove useful as well.

    All of the AS3 APIs that I have written conform to strict OOP standards, implementing best practices and design patterns appropriately.

    I’ll be down @ Adobe next Weds, maybe we can hang out for a bit and get some code together for the lib? 🙂

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