Updated AIR Example Code

Over the last year, my API overview presentation has evolved through 3 beta releases and the official AIR 1.0 launch. I have been a little slow in updating the examples, but I have just posted the updated archive file here.

4 thoughts on “Updated AIR Example Code

  1. Saw your talk at On AIR in London – brilliant! So brilliant that I went home and tried the AIR to Desktop NativeDrag exercise in Flash CS3. One thing I came across was when calling “dragImage.draw( dragButton );” using a circle shape as the movieclip was that it created a square shape filling in the parts of the movieclip that were transparent.
    I tried using a transparent png as the bitmap data for the drag and this worked, so is there a way to set my movieclip bitmap data to work in the same way as transparent png bitmap data?

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