AIR 1.1 Released

Yesterday we released a ‘small’ update to the AIR runtime. In reality, this release has a few new features and many bug fixes that should relieve a few of the pain points you may have encountered in AIR 1.0. The major announcement is that we now support full localization, which includes not only the localized installers, but also the ability to develop localized applications.

AIR Installer Localized to French

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Fully localized runtime and installers, as well as numerous API additions to support building localized applications.
  • Support for certificate migration. If you have released a self-signed application, you can now use the update API to initiate the installation of an AIR application that chains to a certificate authority.
  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition support. This includes a fix that will pop up the visible keyboard when a user selects a text field in the application.
  • Addition of the File.spaceAvailable API. This will allow you to determine the amount of space that is available on a volume.
  • Numerous garbage collection improvements. One of the issues that was solved on Mac OS is a bug that was not deallocating memory which was assigned to the AIR application. This wasn’t a major issue; the memory could still be reallocated to other applications if needed. But now when a user goes to Activity Monitor on mac they should see the actual memory that is being used by the AIR application. There were also numerous other fixes that were made which should fix a few leaks you may be seeing.

If you are currently developing Flex applications and would like to update Flex Builder to use AIR 1.1, check out this tech note describing how you can update the AIR framework. The Flash team has also released a similar tech note describing how to update Flash CS3 Professional. And last but not least, the Dreamweaver team has released an updated version of the AIR extension.

Along with this launch, Aptana has announced updated support for 1.1. So if you are currently using Aptana to develop Ajax based AIR applications, go to to get the updated plugin.

The AIR team definitely deserves a round of thanks for the hard work they put in to getting this release out the door. They barely even caught their breath after the 1.0 launch before they started working on this release. Now onto the next one!

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