Video: Creating a Local Database in AIR

Recently I filmed a video for the Adobe Developer Connection on how to create a local database in AIR. You can see this video below. I have already filmed two more videos, one on creating custom window chrome in AIR using Flex, and a second on how to encrypt data. I will post them on this blog once they are uploaded.

4 thoughts on “Video: Creating a Local Database in AIR

  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I was beating my head against the wall for a long, long time trying to figure this out. As a non-programmer the lack of richly explained tutorials are limited. quite frustrating but this gives me a bit more hope of creating the apps I’d like to, um, create!

  2. am juz learnin air offline.
    would be great to have a downloadable version
    of the video for offline viewing.
    is it possible?

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