Moderator Updates

I just wanted to give a quick update on the Moderator application that I released a few weeks ago. Right now I am working on an update to include some of the most requested features (replying to comments, and viewing the full comment inline are the two highest requested features right now.) I will also be adding support for the WordPress 2.7 comment API. This will remove the need to have a plugin activated in your WordPress installation. All you will need to do is install the desktop application.

The timeline for this release is a few weeks out. At the very least, I want to wait until 2.7 is public, but I also have another application that I am working on (more information later) that will take priority along with the Adobe MAX conference next week. Just keep watching this blog and I will post when the release is available.

Also, I wanted to give a quick plug for the Open Web Awards. Nominations have begun and if you feel so inclined, please nominate Moderator in the Blog Plugins category. The form below should get you started. And while you are at it, feel free to nominated any other sites in the other numerous categories that are available.