AIR and Flex Presentations and Code Samples

I have been pretty slack in posting this. Over the past few months I have been busy presenting on AIR and Flex at numerous events such as the onAIR Bus Tour and Adobe MAX. I have just finished cleaning up and compiling all of the examples and the presentations that I have been showing.

There are two presentations, compiled as PDFs. Most of my AIR presentations are a variation of the one below. I have also included a Flex Builder presentation that I gave here in Europe at the Beyond Boundaries events we held in Amsterdam and Brussels. Along with the presentations is an archive of Flex Builder project archives that contain most of the code I have showed.

Enough talking, here are the files:

12 thoughts on “AIR and Flex Presentations and Code Samples

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the slides (and presentation). Good stuff to convince the powers that be at the school I teach at to make some room to fit AIR and Flex into the curriculum.

    Have fun in Europe!

  2. Hey,
    thank you for your presentation in Brussels, this was very impressive and professional.
    Best thing, it was free. Great initiative and awesome projects on labs! Keep on rockin ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very impressive presentation in Brussels! And with a lot of drama for free! (with your crashing mac)

    Can’t wait to dive into Flex…

  4. Hey Daniel,

    I really enjoyed your presentation in Amsterdam! It made me want to stop everything I’m doing and dive into all the new cool features AS3, Flex and AIR offer!

    Keep spreading the word!

  5. Hi Daniel
    Thanks for these – really useful and very generous. Saw you AIR boot camp in Barcelona, really excellent.

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